About the Developer

“Property is the fruit of labor it is desirable, it is a positive good.” – Abraham Lincoln

For 50 years, owner and developer of Vance Gap Forest Asheville, Peter Brower, has been dedicated and committed to searching, finding and developing the choicest parcels of land. Gorgeous, stunning, inspiring and diverse land. Blessed by the wonders of nature, The Boulders is the latest in an extensive portfolio of land and lots that have defined people’s life, lifestyle and well being.

A Developer Driven by Riches of the Land

Driven by a philosophy of respect for land, nature and protecting the environment, all of the company’s projects have the same vision and focus – to provide its owners with a very special quality of life. As an experienced developer, Peter has a keen sense of awareness and balance, driven by maximizing views, acknowledgement of space and tremendous respect for the land. He has walked every acre he owns, and prides himself on that knowledge.

Owning a piece of land is something very special to treasure and behold. It is a reward that defines hard work, success and satisfaction. It’s also about pride and integrity. For many, finding that perfect piece of land is a life goal and ultimate quest. Peter and his team can take your dream and vision and make it a spectacular and unforgettable reality. Discover how you can be one step closer to living your dream in the mountains,

Visit Our New Community, The Boulders

Our newest gated mountain community, is a stunning conservation community, you’ll find from beautiful view lots as well as our mountain home collection. Land and home packages is a streamlined and simple approach to build your dream home in the mountains.